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Basic Libraries And Applications for Robotics
BLAAR is still in active development. It is **not stable yet** and will evolve. Do no hesitate to [ask for improvements or notify issues](
The goal of this light framework is to provide helpers and shortcuts with few abstractions letting you know what you are doing.
You are free to mix it with any low level code. The drawback is that you have to know what you are doing which is good in robotics.
The modules are minimalist in purpose. If you want more you are advised to use specialized libraries or tools but **blaar** should be helpful to make the integration.
Basic Libraries for C/C++
BLAAR is **open source** CeCILL v2.1 (compatible GPL v2).
**BLAAR** should work on **POSIX** systems. GNU/Linux (**Ubuntu/Raspbian**), Darwin (**Mac OSX**) and Bionic (**Android** not usable yet).
**BLAAR** is still under development, it is **not stable yet** but feel free to [ask improvement or notify issues](
blibs - Basic Libraries
These libraries are a set of basic tools simplifying programmation. The programmer keeps full control on the program. You have shortcuts for classical functionalities and very little abstractions. You can freely mix blibs and low level C/C++ functions.
- [blc_core]( : Generic helpers in C or C++ used by all other blaar projects
- [blc_channel]( : Tools to use shared memory in synchrone ( in test) and asynchrone mode
- [blc_image]( : Manipulate blc_array as images. Can load and save them as png files
- [blc_program]( : Parse arguments and interacts with user in commandline.
Standard blaar applications
modules - Basic Applications for C/C++
- [bapps]( : Generic C/C++ executables with no dependency to manipulate blc_channels (find max, generate oscillators, ...)
- [bapps]( : Generic executables to manipulate blc_channels (find max, generate oscillators, ...)
All the other applications are in optional specific submodules (i.e. i_v4l2_camera to acquire images through v4l2 driver or fftw to use functions from the external fftw library, ...)
- [![logo pinobo](images/pinobo_logo.png)PINOBO](pinobo.html) A robotic head
In `scripts/` you have bash scripts which combine applications to produce higher level functionalities. They may require you add optional modules.
......@@ -44,14 +61,23 @@ Usage
**`<binary> [--help] [args ...]`**
The availble blaar binaries are in `bin/` directory. All the binaries accept the **`--help`** option which shows a description of the project and details of possible others options. You can also use scripts which run a combinaison of binaries and other scripts. They are in `scripts/` directory and accept the **`-h`** option which shows a description of the project and details of possible others options.
When your are in development your are advised to see [developement](
You can see an [**example**]( of manipulating and displaying generic arrays with blc_core
You can create you first project with this example of [image manipulation](
**SEE ALSO** [examples]( [development]( [git]( [Frequently Asked Questions](
Other documentation
###How to cite
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