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Modernize CMake. May have problem of missing librt on linux

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[submodule "blibs/blc_core"]
path = blibs/blc_core
url = /Users/arnaudblanchard/blaar/blibs/blc_core
[submodule "blibs/blc_channel"]
path = blibs/blc_channel
url = /Users/arnaudblanchard/blaar/blibs/blc_channel
[submodule "blibs/blc_program"]
path = blibs/blc_program
url = /Users/arnaudblanchard/blaar/blibs/blc_program
[submodule "blibs/blc_network"]
path = blibs/blc_network
url = /Users/arnaudblanchard/blaar/blibs/blc_network
[submodule "bapps"]
path = bapps
url = /Users/arnaudblanchard/blaar/bapps
[submodule "blc_channels"]
path = blc_channels
url = /Users/arnaudblanchard/blaar/blc_channels
[submodule "raspi"]
path = raspi
url =
[submodule "gnuplot"]
path = gnuplot
url =
[submodule "gazebo"]
path = gazebo
url =
[submodule "blc_webserver"]
path = blc_webserver
url =
[submodule "AV_camera"]
path = AV_camera
url =
[submodule "reachy"]
path = reachy
url =
[submodule "blc"]
path = blc
url =
[submodule "uSockets"]
path = uSockets
url =
[submodule "swarm/uSockets"]
path = swarm/uSockets
url =
Subproject commit df320a32e60b04d9659183c4573ac514d613edac
bapps @ ec5d0ed4
Subproject commit ec5d0ed42c4e5289f6d0f206412d902d297630f7
Subproject commit 19ca8e12d6c3b92d63b87ae9d5c64923fef78358
blc_channels @ f3018879
Subproject commit f3018879a0780bd9887cb694883ca61ed2fb04b8
blc_webserver @ 0ea7c056
Subproject commit 0ea7c056cfc34150ea6de5f51fbe66b3cdd93526
blc_channel @ 1a2eb034
Subproject commit 1a2eb0347dede54f2aa7e67a59abcaa6d55d1c9b
blc_core @ 16dd6151
Subproject commit 16dd6151a3cc176915571ad69bb902133ee565b1
blc_network @ bd0be001
Subproject commit bd0be001579975670c0b629344d57a233fd9a998
blc_program @ cce7254f
Subproject commit cce7254f41cff419959eb7a8ec0fb34de4c1065c
gazebo @ a79bca08
Subproject commit a79bca083b42363c1ac80d3e7d3769458f1d6030
gnuplot @ cbafdc1c
Subproject commit cbafdc1cf291639d4c418486d3d474e9037127a5
#include <armadillo>
#include "arma_r_transform.h"
using namespace arma;
using namespace std;
void r_transform::update(){
// arma_r_transform.h
// r_transform
// Created by Arnaud Blanchard on 24/05/2021.
#ifndef arma_r_transform_h
#define arma_r_transform_h
#include <vector>
class r_transform{
void update();
#endif /* arma_r_transform_h */
raspi @ 62cd96de
Subproject commit 62cd96de058f1fdd93e4162c54405318d989b105
Subproject commit aa29a7e395ab75d62d17aa5b96cea2384c2692d0
Subproject commit 98510ef265c7008dd7b7ffe116f8150446cb0a85
#include <AudioToolbox/AudioToolbox.h>
#include "coreaudio.h"
#include "blc_core.h"
void input_queue_callback( void *inUserData, AudioQueueRef inAQ, AudioQueueBufferRef inBuffer, const AudioTimeStamp *inStartTime, UInt32 inNumberPacketDescriptions, const AudioStreamPacketDescription *inPacketDescs ){
int result, ready=1;
memcpy(, inBuffer->mAudioData, output.size);
//Request for next sound buffer
AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer(inAQ, inBuffer, 0, nullptr);
void start_acquisition(AudioQueueRef queue, int samplerate){
AudioQueueBufferRef buffer;
AudioStreamBasicDescription audio_format={};
OSStatus err;
int i;
//OS X audio management
audio_format.mSampleRate = samplerate;
audio_format.mFormatID= kAudioFormatLinearPCM;
audio_format.mFormatFlags=kAudioFormatFlagIsFloat | kLinearPCMFormatFlagIsPacked;
audio_format.mBytesPerFrame = audio_format.mChannelsPerFrame*audio_format.mBitsPerChannel/8;
audio_format.mFramesPerPacket = 1; //1 is for ncompressed value
audio_format.mBytesPerPacket = audio_format.mBytesPerFrame*audio_format.mFramesPerPacket;
audio_format.mReserved = 0;
err=AudioQueueNewInput(&audio_format, input_queue_callback, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, &queue);
if (err){
if (err==kAudio_ParamError) EXIT_ON_ERROR("Parameter error");
else EXIT_ON_ERROR("Fail to create input audioqueue. Code %d .", err);
err = AudioQueueAllocateBuffer(queue, output.size, &buffer);
if (err) EXIT_ON_ERROR("Fail to create input audioqueue. Code %d .", err);
err = AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer(queue, buffer[i], 0, NULL);
if (err) EXIT_ON_ERROR("AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer Code %d .", err);
err=AudioQueueStart(queue, NULL);
if (err) EXIT_ON_ERROR("Fail to create input audioqueuestart. Code %d .", err);
// coreaudio.h
// test_torch
// Created by Arnaud Blanchard on 10/12/2019.
Subproject commit 98510ef265c7008dd7b7ffe116f8150446cb0a85
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