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Basic Libraries And Applications for Robotics
......@@ -36,8 +35,8 @@ Basic applications
- [f_schunk_hand](
Standard install BLAAR
......@@ -47,21 +46,37 @@ Mac OSX
You need Xcode or a C/C++ compilation (clang, g++, ..).
Copy past this line in a terminal
curl -sS | sh
curl -sS | sh
You can do [**step by step**]( copying command line by command line. This may be useful to better understand and in case where the installer crash.
If you have a problem at compile time it may be due to a bad configuration of your compiler [**see how to install command line tools mac os x**](
###Optional modules
#f_gnuplot to draw values of blc_channels
brew install gnuplot --with-qt
git submodule update --init
#f_view_channel to have a gtk interface to view blc_channels (need gtk3, blgtk basic library for gtk3, will be installed)
brew install gtk+3 gnome-icon-theme
git submodule add
git submodule add
./install blgtk
#blQTKit allow program to use the camera
git submodule add
./install blQTKit
Copy past this line in a terminal
wget -q -O/tmp/ && sh /tmp/; rm /tmp/
You will be requested at some point to enter your admin password to make the installation.
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