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Basic Libraries And Applications for Robotics
BLAAR is still in active development. It is **not stable yet** and will evolve. Do no hesitate to [ask for improvements or notify issues](
Basic Libraries for C/C++
- [blc_core]( : Generic helpers in C or C++ used by all other blaar projects
- [blc_channel]( : Tools to use shared memory in synchrone ( in test) and asynchrone mode
- [blc_image]( : Load and save blc_array as png
- [blc_program]( : Parse arguments and interacts with user in commandline.
Others usefull basic libraries
- blv4l2 : Video capture on Linux. Need video for linux libv4l2
- blQTKit : Video on MAC OS. Need Quicktime libQTKit
- blcl : OpenCL
- blalsa : ALSA sound on Linux
- blgtk : helpers for gtk graphic library
Basic applications
- [i_channels]( : Display and manipulate blc channels
- i_coreaudio
- i_create_mask
- i_QTKit_camera
- i_v4l2_camera
- i_oscillator
- [i_tino_arms]( Broker to drive the arms of the robot tino
- i_wiimote
- [f_view_channel]( : Display blc channel in a graphical interface
- f_gnuplot : display data graphs of blc_channels
- [f_schunk_hand](
./ <project directory> [--help] [others args ...]
This automatically compiles the project in release mode and executes it. You do not risk anymore to test a program you forget to recompile.
Usually it is better to use`` which does the same but use **rlwrap** to have better keyboard interaction (history, completion, ...). However it sometime confuses terminals with complex displays ( text refreshing, ASCII art, ... ).
Copyright : [ETIS]( - ENSEA, University of Cergy-Pontoise, CNRS (2011-2016)
Author : [Arnaud Blanchard](
Licence : [CeCILL v2.1](
You have equivalent commands for debugging or editing projects. These scripts are shortcuts and you can manually compile, debug etc. See [developement](development).
- [Presentation](
- [Online documentation](
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