Commit 663f99e1 authored by Arnaud Blanchard's avatar Arnaud Blanchard

Merge branch 'master' of

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......@@ -18,22 +18,26 @@ To install them, copy past the code in a terminal.
#o_gnuplot : Draw as gnuplot graphs, the values of blc_channels. Need gnuplot
sudo apt-get install gnuplot
git submodule add
./ o_gnuplot
#fftw : Apply fft function on signal. Need fftw
#fftw : Apply fft function on signal.
sudo apt-get install fftw
git submodule add
./ fftw
#sndfile : load and save any kind of sound file using libsndfile
sudo apt-get install libsndfile-dev
git submodule add
./ sndfile
#asound : acquire and produce sound
sudo apt-get install libasound2
git submodule add
./ asound
#f_view_channel : gtk interface to view blc_channels (need gtk3, blgtk basic library for gtk3, will be installed)
sudo apt-get install gtk+3
git submodule add
./install blgtk
./ blgtk
git submodule add
./ f_view_channel
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