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Add documentation about profiling

parent 67a1a736
2017 July 29 Arnaud Blanchard
* blc_channels: remove unused channel has been fixed
* o_gtk_image [FL32,Y800] add min/max option to scale the pixel values
* o_gtk_image display the name of the channel in the window's tilte
* o_gnuplot fix a problem using history with synchronized channel. There is still a small problem while display the time scale
* New script **** which displays the graphs of the profiling of differents apps: i.e. ' image.tsv gradient.tsv display.tsv' ( see profile option of blc_program)
* Add documentation (``) axplaining how to use the new profile option.
* blc_channels fix synchronisation problems
* blc_program in you can use command with parameter in one line (i.e. in blc_channels i3 display image of channel 3)
* blc_program add option --profile<filename.tsv> (-~) which record the stat of the execution loop. It can then be displayed with ****
When you use many processes in queue it may be useful to study the sequence of execution and the average time spent for each.
To record this data you can use for each application the option `--profile=<filename.tsv>` (`-~<filename.tsv>`) The file will contain the loop starting time, the execution starting time ( time once the data is ready) and the duration of the loop.
In first row loop starting time indicate in fact, the moment the application has started. The moment `blc_program_init` has been called.
#start_time(?s) exe_time(?s) duration(?s)
1501244087769618 0 0
1501244088341986 1501244088341998 688
1501244088373970 1501244088373972 169
1501244088409968 1501244088409969 174
To graph these data, you can use the ** <filename.tsv> [<filename.tsv> ...]**
This generates a graph showing the sequences of executions and a graph showing the average duration of the loop and the period of exectution of the loop.
i_v4l2_camera -~camera.tsv | o_gtk_image -~display.tsv camera.tsv display.tsv
This will profile the execution of image acquisition and display. Thne it will open two windows with the graph showing the sequence of all the executions and a graph showing the average time
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