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2017 July 29 Arnaud Blanchard
* blc_channels: remove unused channel has been fixed
* o_gtk_image [FL32,Y800] add min/max optio] to scale the pixel values
* o_gtk_image display the name of the channel in the window's tilte
* o_gnuplot fix a problem using history with synchronized channel. There is still a small problem while display the time scale
* scripts New script **** which displays the graphs of the profiling of differents apps: i.e. ' image.tsv gradient.tsv display.tsv' ( see profile option of blc_program)
* blc_channels fix snchronisation problems
* blc_program in you can use command with parameter in one line (i.e. in blc_channels i3 display image of channel 3)
* blc_program add option --profile<filename.tsv> (-~) which record the stat of the execution loop. It can then be displayed with ****
BLAAR todo
- Fix the timing is not real when synchonize mode (:)
- Fix problem unused channel
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- Fix the timing is not real when synchonize mode (:)
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